A few years ago I did a post  55+ DIY Tutorials for Creating Pendants and Charms on my old blog. It was so popular, I am posting DIY tutorials for new pendant and charm projects–hope you enjoy!

Stylish Pendant with Shrinky-Dink Plastic tutorial at Better Homes & Gardens:

Leaf-Imprinted Clay Necklace with Paper Clay tutorial at Happy Hour Projects:

Leaf-Imprint Polymer Clay Pendant at happyhourprojects.com







Grow Your Own Crystal Necklace tutorial at The Crafty Goddess

Vintage Key Necklace tutorial at Dishfunctional Designs:

Baked Marble Pendant

(Sorry, I am no longer able to find the link to this tutorial.)

Mod Podge Washer Necklace with Enviro Tex tutorial at Coconut Love:








Oh Domino! tutorial at Design Memory Craft:







How to Make a Stone Pendant tutorial at Jewelry Making Journal:

Tube Bead for Pendant or Charm tutorial at Pat Winter Gatherings:

Wire Wrapped Buttons tutorial at Craftsy:

Mother of pearl button pendants








The Dollar Store Butterfly with Resin tutorial at Resin Crafts:

Scrabble Tile Pendant tutorial at Sun and Moon Craft Kits:

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tut

Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Book Pendant tutorial at Ruby Murrays Musings:

Upcycled Clothespin Pendant tutorial at Mich L. in L.A.:

Dragonskin Woven Pendant tutorial at Wire Jewelry:

Dragonskin Pendant

Glass Tile Pendant tutorial at Irina’s Cute Box:

How to make glass tile pendant

Molded Ceramic Glazed Pendant tutorial at Diane Uke Shares:

Ceramic Clay Pendants & Charms Tutorial

Tissue Paper Pendants tutorial at Snapping Monsters:

Chic Polymer Clay Pendant tutorial at DIY Ready:

mosaic - clay pendant

Freshwater Pearl & Spiral Pendant Necklace tutorial at Linkouture:

Learn how to make your very own pearl and spiral pendant necklace with this diy jewelry tutorial. These necklaces are very delicate and feminine and make for the perfect wedding jewelry or gift idea. It is a great jewelry tutorial for advanced beginners!

Mini Photo Block Necklace tutorial at Bugaboo Mini Mr & Me:


Rubber Stamped Solder Jewelry tutorial at Can’t Stop Making Things:

Faux Milk Glass Jewelry tutorial at Rosyscription:

DIY milkglass necklace

premo! Rustic Heart Choker tutorial at Sculpey:


Dandelion in Epoxy Molded Necklace tutorial at FurnityurMolds:

Tab Set Pendant tutorial at Beaducation:


Stamped Washer Necklace tutorial at The 36th Avenue:

Simple Wire Wrap Sea Glass Pendant tutorial at Sea Glass Journal:

Simple Wire Wrap Sea Glass Pendant
Altered Key Charms tutorial at Ink Staines with Roni:
Key Charms 013
Washer Pendant Necklace tutorial at A Path of Paper:
 Silverware Pendant tutorial at Unexpected Elegance:
 Polymer Clay Pendant tutorial at Polymerclayweb:
Polymer Clay Faux Leather Tags Tutorial
 River Rock and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace by Rings & Things:
These lovely necklaces by Amy Mickelson combine rustic river rock and dainty sterling silver charms!
Beaded Antique Pendant tutorial by Lina Tolstova  at Beads Magic:
Copper Etching on Pendants tutorial at Rings & Things:
etched stamped metal for jewelry
35+ Creative DIY Tutorials for Making Charms & Pendants Vert

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