While perusing my e-mails a few weeks ago, I saw this:

“More than a cooking class, it is a culinary experience. Come spend the day in France, and enjoy a leisurely French Country cooking class and lunch.

Your day includes an overall extraordinary culinary event with a garden and vineyard tour, cooking class, lunch, and a chance to shop!” (from  www.bonniejomanion.com/#/cooking-classes/)

I LOVE the French countryside. I invited a couple friends and we had one of the best “French” experiences of our lives–in San Diego County! Yes, it was much more than a cooking class and much more than a culinary experience. The entire day we felt we had been transported to the French countryside. I am happy to share a few photos from the day–perhaps you would like to have a similar experience without having to fly all the way to France!

The “Lunch in Provence” included appetizers in the wine room, a cooking class in the kitchen, lunch in the dining room, a garden and vineyard tour, “Mon Petit Chou” shopping and dessert in the dining room.

Ribbons for Award-Winning Wines from Domain de Manion:

Bonnie Jo Manion - Domaine de Manion - Ribbons from Award Winning Wines

THE most amazing appetizers were served in the wine room. You may click here for Bonnie’s recipe for Goat Cheese with Marinated Olives.

Cooking Class in the Kitchen:

Bonnie Jo Manion - Cooking Class in the Kitchen

Bonnie Jo Manion - Apples Cooking

Bonnie Jo Manion - Carameli Apples Upside Down Olive Oil Cake


Lunch “a Table” in the Dining Room:

Bonnie Jo Manion - French Dining Table & Setting

Bonnie Jo Manion - Mint Centerpiece

Bonnie Jo Manion - Cooking Class - Ready to Eat!


Garden and Vineyard Tour:

Bonnie Jo Manion - Pumpkins in a French Setting

Bonnie Jo Manion - Vegetable Garden

Bonnie Jo Manion - Plants in French Pots

And Alas – Dessert. Merci, Bonnie!

Bonnie Jo Manion - Present Caramel Apple Upside Down Olive Oil Cake!

Bonnie Jo Manion - Domaine de Manion Vineyard and Home