My friends and I can spend countless hours making gift tags. We will  sometimes stamp, decoupage, punch and embellish them, or just apply one or two of the techniques.

But what to do with all the finished gift tags? Years ago Lani Freymiller taught us a way of making an envelope “package” by crimping a portion of the envelope. This has turned out to be the perfect packaging/presentation for the gift tags if you would like to give them as a hostess gift, or even to store the tags you’ve made for when you may need them to embellish a gift!

Gift Tag Packaging from #10 Envelope - Sweet Tweets

Crimped Envelope Packaging for Gift Tags


#10 envelope (4 1/8 in. x 9 1/2 in.)


Paper crimper

Rubber stamps, ink or various ephemera for embellishing


Seal the flap of the envelope.

Cut off about 1/3 of the side of the envelope.

Tag Packaging - Cut 1/3 From Side of #10 Envelope

Take the longer side of the envelope and run through a crimper. When the long side of the envelope has been run through the crimper, it will allow that portion to neatly tuck into the short end of the envelope, creating a “package.”

Tag Packaging - Crimp Long Side of #10 Envelope

You may embellish the short side of the envelope with paints, rubber stamps or anything else you would like that goes with your theme.

Gift Tag Packaging from #10 Envelope DIY Tutorial


Fill the crimped, long side of the envelope with your gifts tags or anything else you would like to package.

This process may be used with just about any size envelopes.

Voila! The perfect hostess gift or way to store your gift tags.

Crimped Gift Tag Packaging Using a #10 Envelope