I have had more fun each Fall making succulent covered pumpkins. I make a couple large ones for the main centerpieces on my Thanksgiving and Christmas tables, and then several small ones to sprinkle around the tables. A Fall pumpkin centerpiece may be transformed into a Christmas centerpiece by adding a few pine cones and pieces of pine greenery!

There is no cutting of the pumpkin, so they are quite fast and easy to make and will last several months as long as the pumpkin is not pierced.

The succulent covered pumpkins also make wonderful hostess gifts–just wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon or raffia.



DIY Tutorial – Succulent Covered Pumpkins



Pumpkins of desired sizes, shapes and colors

Small succulent cuttings

Spanish moss

Spray adhesive

Hot glue gun or thick white glue




  1.  Spray tops of  pumpkins with spray adhesive.
  2.  Press Spanish moss onto top of pumpkin; spray adhesive should adhere the Spanish moss to the pumpkin.
  3.  Clip succulents and apply hot glue or thick white glue to the succulents. Place the succulents on top of the Spanish moss, around the stem of the pumpkin. Hot glued succulents should adhere within a minute or two, whereas succulents applied with thick white glue may take a couple hours to set.








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