Valentine Heart Melt & Pour Soap - DIY Tutorial

Valentine Heart Melt & Pour Soap – DIY Tutorial

We were planning a birthday party for a friend and I volunteered to make the party favors. The theme is “hearts and flowers” being that it is so close to Valentine’s Day. It’s also the perfect excuse for me to use my beloved silicone soap molds that I have had for awhile!
I think melt and pour soap is almost always a perfect party favor or hostess gift. Who can’t always use nice soap? And there is such a plethora of soap molds available in just about any theme one can think of. I prefer silicone molds as they hold up longer and it’s easier to release the soap, but they do cost more. The plastic molds are widely available and less expensive, but you do need to ensure your soap is just to the melting point to avoid warping the plastic mold.

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12 oz. white opaque melt and pour soap

2 drops each of red and yellow soap colorant

2 droppers of jasmine essential oil (or your favorite scent)

Soap mold(s) of your choice

Melt white melt and pour soap in a microwave-proof container in the microwave. Begin heating with 30-second intervals and then go down to 10 to 15-second sessions until the soap is just melted. You may also melt the soap in a double boiler  on top of your stove until the soap is just melted.

Stir in colorant and essential oil(s) until all ingredients are mixed well into the melted soap base and you have your desired color.

Valentine Soap - Silicone Molds

Valentine Soap - Filled silicone soap moldsPour melted soap into soap mold and let completely set, then release the soap from the mold. If you only have one soap mold, repeat Steps 1 and 3 until all soaps are made.


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Package the soaps in an organza or cellophane bag, put on a label and tie and you have a great quick gift – lovely as a party favor or hostess gift!

Valentine Heart Melt and Pour Soap - Quick Gift